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SALE: Transmitter cover RAYDIOWARM

Transmitter cover – RAYDIOWARM SALE: CHF 50.- instead of CHF 75.-

Including neck strap, back strap and kit for exiting the areal. Available in gray/black.

The RAYDIOWARM™ transmitter covers protects against cold and water, allowing you to sail longer in freezing and wet conditions. The RAYDIOWARM™ is manufactured to the highest standards, using only top quality materials. The bottom is ridgid and serves as a radio tray which make it very steady. The unique multilayer system offers effective weather and damage protection for your transmitter and it also serves as a carrying bag for your radio. It comes ready to use and if you want to exit the antenna there is an eyelet kit included.
Be cool and stay warm – use the RAYDIOWARM™

Breithorn Racing Footy – DRAWING

Finally the Breithorn Racing Footy® drawings are ready and published.

Link to the product >> DRAWING Breithorn Racing Footy®

New document – How to deal with sail identification on an IOM

This is a free downloadable pdf explaining the rules and facts behind sail identification. It is also packed with tips and hints on how to make “legal” and good looking sail numbers.  For more info and download, please go to the page >> Downloads/Documents